August is the month dedicated to our family connection. Why August? Mainly because it is the time when Horea has his school vacation. It is also that period of the year when everybody seems to take time off 😂, so everything is more expensive, more crowded, more busy, more noisy...😔... but we have learnt that even so we can find nice places, tranquil, and at fair prices. It is just a matter of looking and adjusting on the go. The quality time we are having together during this month is priceless 😍 and I wouldn't trade it for anything else.

This year, 2021, we have decided that our vacation will be split in two: two weeks with the minivan in Croatia and two weeks in Greece (one week of sailing and one week of renting a place in Skiathos near the beach while Bogdi will enjoy one more week of sailing). In our adventure with the minivan in Croatia we wanted to explore the sea and nature, but being a high-season (August) we had to reorient ourselves and avoid the crowded campsites. As you might already know, we do not like busy places, we love silence and tranquility, the sound of birds, insects, waves, and wind.

So, as I was mentioning on Facebook, our adventure started with some challenges. We have reached Split a day later as planned and we have left the depo with our Indie Campers van around 10 pm. As a side note, but I will get back with an article about Indie Campers' services, this year we had an awful collaboration. I am very disappointed with their services.

It was late, we were all tired after 15 hours spent on the road and we needed to find a place close by not too far away and within a range of one hour of driving. We did not have any idea where we are going to spend our night as campsites were full, no places available, even though we have started to search for campsites couple of weeks before our vacation and wanted to book something at least for the first nights. The first shock 😂😂😂. Later on we have found out that it is better just to go and check the availability directly at campsites.

So, without any bookings made, without any other ideas in the middle of the night, our first stop was an island near Trogir.

Parking in Okrug Donji, Croatia – useful information


  • address: 15 Ulica Zrinsko Frankopanska, 21223 Okrug Donji, Croatia
  • GPS coordinates: Latitude: 43.4922.86; Longitude: 16.208082

Website: not available

Camping size: this is not a camping, just a regular parking between two beaches. There are 20 spots for parking (as per, but I would say there were more than that, around 40.

Dedicated space for one camping spot: as this is just a parking there are no dedicated spots 

Opening hours: all year round, 24 h

Prices as of 2021: free

Animal friendly: there are two beaches close to each other; on one of them dogs are welcomed

Kids friendly: being just a parking, I would say it is not very friendly with children

Facilities for free: toilets, shower with cold-water

Facilities with extra cost: there is a small bar and restaurant with a view over sea

Good to know:  there is lots of dust in the parking due to lack of pavement; the beaches are clean and with some shades from the bushes and the pine trees.

Campsites Review: Croatia - 2021

You will love:

  • Staying near the sea and waking up with a splendid view
  • Enjoying the sunset and shooting nice pictures
  • Enjoying a good wine on the beach hearing the sound of the waves

So, I really recommend this parking which is situated on the west part of Island Ciovo. The island of Ciovo is connected to mainland by the bridge in ancient Trogir. Okrug Donji is the smallest place on Ciovo island.

We have enjoyed our 3 nights stay here. But on our last morning somebody came to let us know there is not a camping and we have to leave. The man was really polite. There were also other two campers in the same parking.

The second place was a campsite chosen by Bogdi, near the second largest artificial lake in Croatia, located in inland Dalmatia, south of the source of the River Cetina.

Camping Peruča, Croatia – useful information


  • address: Garjak 1, 21236 Vrlika, Croatia
  • GPS coordinates: Latitude: 43.9051; Longitude: 16.44431

Website: Camping Peruča

Camping size: an area of 40.000 m² with grasslands. You can choose where to stay, the pitches are not delimited.

Dedicated space for one camping spot: there is no predefined dedicated space

Opening hours: non-stop as there are no gates or barriers to enter the camping and there is a self check-in service; the campsite is open from April until October as per

Prices as of 2021: 

  • 160 KUNA (HRK) (22 Euro) (at the moment only payable with cash).
    • Prices include camping pitch for 2 persons, toilet/shower, water, electricity, waste/disposal, tourist tax
  • Extra Person:  40 KN (5 €)
  • Children (7-12 years old): 40 KN (5 €)
  • Children up to 7 years.: free
  • Pets up to 2 per pitch: 20 KN (2,5 €)

Animal friendly: pets are more than welcomed; there is also a facility where they can be washed.

Kids friendly: the campsite does not have any playgrounds created by man, only the ones created by nature 😋; the lake is near the campsite, while the forest and the grass land can be explored by children. We had used the time to explore the leaves, the insects, the birds. We have seen how a cross spider was building its web and how it was eating its prey.

Facilities for free: electricity and water, WC/hot showers, dish washing basins, dog wash, camper-disposal/sewage

Facilities with extra cost: there was a vending machine with some snacks, juices, beer, coffee, and hot chocolate

Good to know: we have enjoyed this campsite during high-season, it was not crowded at all. You should have the exact amount of money you have to pay for your staying as the check- in service is a self one, which means you leave the money in an envelope and deposit it with the check-in details in a secured box.

During night the electricity is turned off.

Campsites Review: Croatia - 2021

You will love:

  • The 40.000 m² of grasslands and forests at Peruča Lake
  • The fantastic canopy of stars you can enjoy during night
  • The wonderful nature which can be explored by children and you can create a wonderful educational experience
  • Stunning panoramic view at Dinara and Svilaja mountains & Peruča Lake
  • Splashing the water of Peruča Lake; you can also swim in the lake
  • The tranquility and the relaxation you will get
  • The shades from the trees
  • Many activities like rowing, kayaking, standup-paddling, diving, horse riding, hiking, mountain biking, road cycling, fishing, natural rock climbing are available either at the camping site, either near by. Unfortunately, this year not many activities were available. It might be due to pandemics.

So, I really recommend this place for the immersion in nature you can get, for the tranquility and the sound of wind, the songs of birds and insects. I got the most amazing pictures from campsites here, enjoying the sunset over the lake.

You can see in our pictures that Peruča Lake level of water was very low this season. And I cannot help myself thinking: what are we doing to our home?

The next one was a small camping close to Krka National Park. We have spent only one night here.

Camping "Camp Europa", Croatia – useful information


  • Address: 222222 Rupe, Croatia
  • GPS coordinates: Latitude: 43.913502; Longitude: 15.9457

Website:  not available

Camping size: 25 pitches (as per

Dedicated space for one camping spotthe pitches are not delimited and you can take as much space as desired, but of course keeping in mind the other guests

Opening hours: non-stop as the gate is always open

Prices as of 2021: 100 KN (13.5 €) per night

Animal friendly: pets are welcomed

Kids friendly: there was a pool available for adults and children as well

Facilities for free: electricity and water, WC/hot showers, dish washing basins, camper-disposal/sewage, pool access

Facilities with extra cost: 20 KN (2.5 €) for washing your clothes

Good to know: This is a small campsite, near the main road, but very tranquil, with a nice pool, and the owners are very friendly and eager to help. You will be able to find shades and what I really liked were the different designed areas to enjoy your meals which were covered by plants. They were the perfect spots to run away from sun's rays.

Campsites Review: Croatia - 2021

You will love:

  • The pool for sure during the hot days
  • Enjoying birds’ song, insects
  • The owners are very helpful and eager to help. They had improvised a clothes dryer for us: using a rope and two trees close to our van.

So, I really recommend this camping if you are planning to relax in a pool or you want to pay a visit to Krka National Park. Also, there are many bicycles trails around.

The last choice was a very large camping, in Šibenik, at sea side. We have spent here our last 3 nights.

Camping "Solaris Camping Resort", Croatia – useful information


  • Address: 43 Ulica Braće Nakić, Šibenik, Croatia
  • GPS coordinates: Latitude: 43.698799; Longitude: 15.878

Website: Solaris Camping Resort

Camping size: 729 pitches (as per

Dedicated space for one camping spotthe pitches are delimited and the space is between 80 and 120 m²  depending on the zone where you choose your pitch.

Opening hours: the campsite is open from April until October as per

Prices as of 2021:  we have paid for a pitch in zone A closer to the beach, for two adults and one child in August (high season) and a van: 82 €/night; the final price for a pitch depends on so many variables (how close to the beach you are, is there high season, the age of the child, the numbers of children, do you have a pet or not?, etc) and my suggestion is to go on their website and simulate a booking to get the most accurate price.

Animal friendly: pets are welcomed, but for an extra fee

Kids friendly: there was a pool available for adults and children as well; on the beach there was a small playground (Horea hasn't showed any interest on it); as an extra cost, there was a sea aquapark.

Facilities for free: electricity and water, WC/hot showers, dish washing basins, camper-disposal/sewage, pool access

Facilities with extra cost: 

  • restaurants and supermarket available on the campsite
  • laundry facilities: washing and drying
  • sea aquapark 

Good to know: This is a huge campsite, with many facilities, but also noisy, with loads of traffic inside the campsite. 

Campsites Review: Croatia - 2021

You will love:

  • The pool for sure during the hot days
  • The beach and the proximity of things: aqua park, supermarket, restaurants
  • The children's play ground
  • The squirrels playing in the pine trees

To be honest, this is the only campsite we are going to avoid for the future. It is too expensive for what it offers, plus, for us the smaller campsites are more cozy and private, offering us the needed tranquility we are looking for.

The first impression when you have reached here was a nice one, we have occupied our pitch, close to sea and pool, big enough, under the pines, clean restrooms. But then the evening had come: we had to use the showers, the restrooms, the common spaces. They were not that clean anymore, they were showing their ages as well.

The night was really noisy as a group of adolescents were screaming, partying in the pool area though this area was closed. I can put myself in their shoes, but there were families with children, elder people, young people who wanted to rest. The cars were passing by our pitch often ... so my sleep was vanished, but also the first impression of the campsite.

The pool was not very clean, we have seen also poop near the pool. I have announced a waitress about this situation, but her reaction was very casual and normal, as poop near pool is something usual.

Disclaimer: The reviews published on this website are intended solely for the purpose of providing general information and comments, and they are PURELY OUR OPINIONS. We cannot guarantee that these reviews are still accurate at the point of reading, up to date, or free from error.

It is difficult to find a campsite which is 100% designed for everyone expectations. Also one person may love a busy campsite with lots of activities, while someone else may love a quiet campsite close to nature. Actually we tend to be the latter!

So what we have done is to highlight the good points of the campsites and maybe point out a few of what we have found as slightly negative points. However we strongly recommend that you make full use of internet sources before deciding about your holiday, including other review sites, Google maps, etc.

With Love and Gratitude,                                                                                                                                      Simina Șerban

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