We are writing this article for our readers with dogs and... for the ones who want to welcome a pet in their home. What we are going to share with you was actually an amazing discovery and the perfect match for our German Sheppard dog, Droopy.  We have managed to find the best way of taking him with us on our road trips and also with this new acquisition we are keeping Droopy happy, but also the car clean.

Maybe our "BIG DISCOVERY" is not so important for other dog owners, but when our friends from petguru.ro presented us this  dog crate, it was "love at first sight". Until haven't been aware you can transport your dog in a fabric made collapsible crate. We have seen many ways of transporting a dog, but all of them were having some kind of a disadvantage from this list:

  • the car can be scratched by the material from which the crate is made of;
  • after you are using the cage and you want to store it in the garage, it will occupy a lot of space;
  • the hair from the dog will be all over yourself and in the car;
  • if the dog gets hectic he can harm himself in the crate.

So, in conclusion, we have chosen the following fabric  collapsible crate and everybody is very happy.

Before buying this dog crate, Droopy had other ways of travelling with us.

He came into our family before our boy Horea. So at first, he was the king of our backseat. We used a dog seat cover for cars. It was easy to install by simply putting the straps over the headrests and tucking in the seat anchors. The only disadvantage was that the hair was flying all over the car.

  • Droopy's New Fabric Collapsible Crate
    Our first baby

After Horea came into our life, Droopy's place has moved into our Peugeot 207 trunk. Because we used the trunk only for him, we did not need to buy a crate. I don't think that we could found one to fit perfectly in the boot of the car and give him all the comfort that he needed. Also, Droopy was safe there, he could stand on his feet and he could turn around whenever he wanted. He also could watch outside whenever he wanted.

At first, Horea was travelling in a rear-facing car seat so in this way, they could see each other. Horea was very happy to see our dog while we were road-tripping. Also Droopy had the freedom to check on us whenever he wanted. The same problem was present in this situation too... the hair.

We think that raising a child with a pet in the same house is very beneficial for the child and also for the future adult. Welcoming a pet into your life and make him part of all your adventures is amazing for everyone and comes with so much joy, but responsibilities as well.

With love for animals,


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