Before choosing the type of education for your kid, you have to know that there are multiple types out there and before deciding which is the one, you have to do some research and keep in mind the following questions:

Is the character development in the center of the education or knowledge?

☑️ How much time spend kids outside? Spending time outside encourages children to be active, "being in nature has been found to have great beneficial effects on well-being and happiness and helps the brain in a great number of ways."*

Do they have homework every day which is taking away the time from free play?

☑️ Do they learn about practical life and things that can be applied in real life scenarios? Are they going to be able to understand and to integrate into our societies without loads of efforts and frustrations?

Is the accent of the education on positive or negative aspects? For example, if the children make a mistake how it is handled?

☑️ Is there a cult of competition and the kids are pushed to learn more due to competition, not to their inner feelings and wishes or curiosity?

I am sure we can find more questions to add to this list

Adapt it based on your own needs and  ❤️🤩 inspire your kid to learn by pleasure and out of curiosity.

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