How we have decided to take a minivan camper adventure? Well, one of my dreams is to travel (I do not care too much what is my destination as long as the journey is pleasant and nice) and I love travelling with class ..or so I like to think. I love the freedom of choices, I do not like to depend on anybody or anyone’s decision…so, I am choosing wisely how I am travelling and with whom.

Why so much drama with freedom and travelling? Well, they are among top 4 personal values for me. If you take freedom and travelling away from me is like you would kill me. I cannot live without them. Even on my phone-case will you see this quote: To travel is to live! And yes it is.

8 Reasons Why Travelling With a Minivan Camper Is Top of The Class


We have started to sail just because we like to be the owners of our experiences and we love nature. Last year, after our 30 days sailing adventure in Sporades Islands, Greece we wanted to rent a camper from one country and leave it to another one…In this way we could gain the time spent to get from our country of residence, Romania, to another one.

And once I get an idea of travelling I will never settle down until I have a plan and I’ll make it happen (Bogdi knows).

So, these being said, I have started to do some research. I needed to find a company which rents the campers in one country and you can leave it in another country. And guess what: I found it. I will write an article with more details about Indie Campers and their vans.

Now, that we have the minivan (which for us was amazing to know that we have a smaller camper not the traditional campers) we have to choose what exactly we would like to see and experience. And we’ve got the perfect reason to start our adventure: ZAZ concert in Paris on my birthday (almost :P, just 2 days difference)…YES!!! Being obsessed with ZAZ lately, this was the best “pretext”, if I needed one, to visit Paris. And starting with this in mind we have developed a plan to spend 15 days on a minivan (Fiat Ducato camper) and experience the life on the road.

8 Reasons Why Travelling With a Minivan Camper Is Top of The Class


The starting point was Paris (France) for sure, but we didn’t have a clue which will be the end point. So, we had a look at the flights we have in our town plus the available locations of the minivan company where we could leave the camper. Taking into account the chosen period for this adventure (18th of March – 2nd of April) we were a little bit constrained, but we managed to find something suitable for the end of the trip: Frankfurt (Germany).

So, we have the dates, we have the pick-up and drop off cities, but we still need the actual plan for the 15 days experience. Initially we wanted to go on the North side of Europe to get a glimpse of the Nordic countries: Sweden, Norway, Finland but we have realized we would spend too much time on the road and we will be in a hurry, so we have decided to stay closed by and enjoy France, Luxembourg, and Germany.

The actual plan will be made on the road as we want to enjoy the freedom of staying longer in a place if we love it. We know for sure we are going to spend 3 days in Paris as we are attending the concert, some days on the Loire Valley, and after that we shall see what the future will bring.

Why we have chosen a Fiat Ducat camper for this trip?

8 Reasons Why Travelling With a Minivan Camper Is Top of The Class

8 reasons why travelling with a minivan camper is top of the class:

  • Flexibility of choosing where to go and what to do
  • No more luggage to carry and make as you have all the stuff with you
  • Flexibility of having a nap whenever you feel so
  • Freedom of entering in cities and parking in the center
  • Small and easier to drive as a normal camper-van
  • Flexibility to camp for the night in all parking available
  • Easier and cheaper to get and maintain the desire temperature during night
  • Lower costs: renting, gas, cleaning, insurance, camping

So far our adventure is just amazing. Comes with challenges as well (I will write about these challenges as well in the next articles), but the extra benefits, the happiness, the freedom worth to continue doing it.

With Love and Gratitude,                                                                                                                                      Simina Serban

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