We all know the challenges we have in the morning with breakfast and how hard kids can decide what they want to eat: I want this, no...wait, I want something else, or maybe nothing..

And because #Monday is all about #HealthyFood & #HealthyFoodHabits got something nice and delicious for a perfect #HealthyMonday💚🤩😍

💚 Chia pudding with raw bee pollen, oatmeal, strawberry jam sugar free, cranberries 💚

Ingredients for chia pudding (serving 2 adults and one kid):
✔️ 150 g vegetable milk (I am using almond or rice milk; you can use also cow or goat milk)
✔️ 20 g raw bee pollen
✔️ 2 bananas
✔️ 40 g raw chia seeds
✔️10 drops of tangerine essential oil
 You mix them all together

Take a jar and put:
✔️ a portion of pudding chia
✔️ add the oat meal,
✔️ add the strawberry jam (or other jam sugar free - I have another confession to make: my dad is doing a wonderful job for us preparing all the jams sugar free: he is just boiling the fruits. We can add honey once the jar has been opened)
✔️ add some fresh fruits on top

Instead of the jam you can have peanut butter sugar free!!! The taste is just incredible.


With Love and Gratitude,                                                                                                                                                                      Simina Șerban

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