Last week, while we were working on strengthening our habit of drinking fresh juice or smoothie in the morning, we opened the fridge and the freezer and we found the following:

     ✔️ cabbage ✔️ celery  ✔️ orange  ✔️ raspberry

What You Have in Your Fridge - Refreshing Juice

How shell we combine them, what the taste will be, Horea will like it? So many questions for one simple juice. In order to eliminate all the tension and unknown, we have decided to take our super-weapon, our helper in the kitchen, the super squeezer. With him, in our team, no vegetable or fruit can stand in our way 😁.

So with Horea's help, some ingredients...we have started the adventure into juicy-land. We have picked these quantities:

         ✔️ cabbage leaf 
         ✔️ celery stem with leafs 
         ✔️ orange
         ✔️ 500 g frozen raspberry 

While the squeezer was working, we started to feel the fresh smell of leaves like we were on an open field. The colours in the vessel started to fight for supremacy and Horea was fascinated by the fact that from the squeezing green leaves the juice have started to flow.

Before putting the magic liqueur in our glasses we had to mix the result with a long spoon because when our kid saw the result he said briefly: "I will not drink THIS !" 😠 .  After the mixture was finished, once again we had  Horea on our side and he poured the refreshing and delicious juice in 3 glasses so that we can all drink it and start the day with energy and good mood.

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