Today, I wanted to share with you some other story, not the usual tips and tricks to welcome healthier habits in our lives. Today, I want to tell you more about health and how I see it.

I have a dream...well, to be honest, I have many dreams 🙂...but one of my deepest and strongest desire is to be able to transmit a message and this message to be fully understood and integrated in every cell of our bodies.

Dear Horea, I hope that I am an example and a role model in inspiring you to learn to respect yourself by keeping your body and mind healthy. 

Coming from a society and a time when mental health was left aside, when people were thinking that going to a psychologist or showing your emotions = being crazy, I grew up with some unfulfilled emotional needs...and those needs came up once I got my baby...of all the interesting things and discoveries we are making once we are holding our babies in our arms.

I must say it that our parents have done their best to raise little human beings taking into account the historical circumstances, their knowledge, the limited access to information, the lack of basic needs. Being aware of their challenges makes me feel so grateful I have the chance to bring more contribution to this world choosing to raise my child differently. Is it better, is it worse? I am 100% sure now that this is our path to contribute to a better world.

The photo credits for the below picture go to Ever Eve Photography.

Is Health More Than Physical Health?

So, the whole idea 💡 with "Kids of the Nature" came from a burning desire to inspire mothers to raise happy and healthy kids, to learn from the others, to share my knowledge and our experiences about this amazing adventure. Horea, 5 years and 2 months old, has never missed a day from kindergarten due to sickness in the past 4 years now. Sooooo......I have decided to share our journey and to give ideas to whoever would love to find out more about this trip.
Back to square 1... I really believe that in order to be healthy and happy you have to pay attention and invest the time and money in multiple directions:
🍇 healthy food and healthy food habits
✨ mental health and emotional stability (‼️ manage stress as well)
📚 education and free play
🚴‍♂️ sports and physical activities
🏕️ nature and adventure
So, health is all about physical, mental, and social health.

Is Health More Than Physical Health?

And our duty as parents is to be examples and role models in their journey. Children learn by example 🙂.

I know, sounds hard and difficult especially in our societies (which are not helping at all), but with baby steps everything is possible...You will find on this website some ideas, some steps you can take and implement, different tools to make your life easier and happier. Keep your faith and DO those in front of the other.

And one more thing to keep in mind - this journey is challenging for all of us: tantrums are happening at home or while travelling, mental breakdown can happen to me as well ( I am not perfect), negative self-talks (like I am the worst mother on Earth) cross my mind from time to time...or there are times when I am really depressed and I am not able to get up from bed because I do not want to do anything...It happens to all of us in different ways and intensities, but what matters the most is how we react to all of these challenges. Be strong!!! And choose another path, not the usual might come face to face with a better version of yourself.

Comment ⬇️⬇️⬇️ what you can start doing today to make a positive impact on your child's health habits?

With Love and Gratitude,                                                                                                                                      Simina Serban



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