Let the adventure of amazing flavours begin 🤩

❤️😍📣 Easy Going Raspberry Cream📣😍❤️

 500 g fresh/frozen raspberry
 3 bananas
 50 g honey (for an extra lovely taste choose the lavender honey)
 1 spoon of raw bee pollen
 3 drops of citrus essential oil (sky is the limit...and you can choose whatever crosses your mind: here I have added lime essential oil)***

*** Make sure you choose an essential oil which is labelled as a food supplement.

You mix together all the ingredients. Serving 2 adults and 3 kids.

If you have any questions about essential oils and not only (e.g.: can my 2 years old eat this cream if it has essential oil in it?) just drop me a message 🌷😍🤩 and I would ❤️ to give you a hand.

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