#Raw #vegan cake with almonds leaf and blueberry cream  and a touch of vanilla on the top

Yummy, yummy

 300 g grounded almonds
 300 g hydrated dates
 10 g coconut butter
 the juice from an orange
- blend everything together and put the leaf in moulds and then freeze for 30 minutes

Blueberry cream:
 300 g grounded cashew
 300 g blueberries
 100 g coconut butter
 10 drops orange or tangerine essential oil
 150 g water
 120 g honey
- blend all together, put the cream in moulds and freeze for 3 hours

Love it!!!

Either you have this cake in the morning, or during the day, or in the evening...the calming and relaxing atmosphere is something we all need 

If you have any questions about essential oils and not only (e.g.: can my 2 years old eat this cake if it has lavender essential oil in it?) just drop me a message 🌷😍🤩 and I would ❤️ to give you a hand.

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